Our Story

     Hi there! Welcome to the Tribabe family, I am so excited you're here! I founded Tribabe, the "Tribeca- babe," to bring the street fashion of New York to women across the nation! My hopes of sharing this fashion is to help women not only look good, but to feel their best!

     Growing up, I always dreamed of living a luxurious and fashionable lifestyle in the Big Apple (Okay, I may have watched too many episodes of Sex and the City as a kid, so what!) but being raised in a small Midwest town I had always wondered what really walked the streets of New York. After moving to New York shortly after turning 22, I can now bring the fashion of New York to you!

     Here at Tribabe our mission is to inspire women to chase their dreams, just how our founder did. We value women supporting one another and inspiring each other to reach their goals. We encourage our babes to TRI, literally, we want to see our consumers give life their all! Our goal is help women follow their dreams and to reach outside their comfort zone to pave their future, while feeling confident in their clothing. Wear what inspires you!

Our core values are authenticity, encouragement, community, and kindness, which are all aspects you will find here.

Let’s face it ladies, Tribabe is the community we all needed. Now… let’s get to shopping!